Travels : Exmouth, Western Australia

I had the loveliest opportunity to visit Exmouth for a beach wedding in May this year, many MANY thanks to Elisa and Joey for the warm hospitality :)

It was pouring cats and dogs in Perth when I left for the airport, and I was greeted by warm sunshine in Exmouth. I didn’t want to leave. Or maybe I should move there during winter, it’s so nice and warm, and sunny!

It was a quick hour and forty minutes flight to Exmouth, and I got to spend two nights there so I had the chance to drive around Exmouth (many thanks to Joey’s cousin, Kevin for organising a car for me!) and to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

I haven’t taken travel photos for a while, thought I should post something different on my photo blog.

But I have Elisa and Joey’s wedding post ready, and should have it up soon :)

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